SCAMPER Strategy

Using SCAMPER Strategy in order to inovate SBM ITB


What is SCAMPER Strategy? SCAMPER Strategy is strategy that usually used to generate new or alternatives ideas, it help us to find creative way and think more divergent. SCAMPER is an acronym from Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/magnify/minify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and the last is Reverse/rearrange.


I will give you example how to increase creativity and innovate SBM ITB.


1. Substitute                    : Lecture and student should be a best friend.

2. Combine                      : They can learn each other and sometimes hang out together  learn outside the class maybe in restaurant, cafe or playing golf together which is  more fun and happy.

3. Adapt                           : Need facility that can support both of them activity. Such as make free-day college in Friday they can choose where the location for study.

4. Modify                         : Both of lecture and student should open minded and extrovert and having discussion more actively.

5. Put the other use        : SBM not only for study but also place where more fun and have much creativity.

6. Elimiate                       : Forget it about everything should learn in Campus, they can innovate by learning in some recreational place such as restaurant, cafe, cinema, etc.

7. Reverse                       : Build the facilitate of SBM, which is more fun and exciting. Such as creativity room, sport hall, cinema and etc.



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